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  • John Sievert

Common Misconceptions of Solar Energy

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

By SolarPower.com Editorial Team |

Solar Energy is transcending fast into today’s energy market, but there are some common misconceptions about the same. Here’s a round-up of the things that people get wrong about it.

Quality of solar products The solar products in emerging markets have found an entry of cheap and low-quality products. And, the off-grid families who have invested in the solar products featured with low-quality find that the products break down quickly, most often after only a couple of months of use, which results in loss of trust. Fortunately, the energy access industry has matured and there is an importation of quite a few high-quality solar products into the emerging markets, which has helped in changing the consumer perception of solar products.

Solar PV systems are inconsistent to cut energy costs The solar systems when properly installed can be more dependable than utility companies. Off-grid systems are immune to power outages, and as there are no moving parts on solar systems, they tend to be more reliable. In fact, solar technologies can power many critical systems inclusive of railroad crossing signals, aircraft warning lights, and navigational buoys. The efficiency can get impacted with dust and debris, which requires regular maintenance. And, solar panels can get damaged excessively when stressed by snow, hail, and high winds.

Maintenance of solar products Solar panels need to be maintained even though they are stationary. Frequent cleaning of the panels to remove dirt from the surface to prevent the blocking of sun’s rays would help. Apart from which, solar panel owners can ensure that panels are not partially or fully shaded during various times during the day.

Battery glitches may be root to solar product failures In the case, a solar product is not functioning then it could be due to the battery. The usual lifespan of solar panels in off-grid lighting products are usually around 20+ years, and batteries tend to have a lifespan of around 2-5 years. So, educating the consumer and distributor regarding the battery and solar panel maintenance, that could be the most common source of product failure would be very helpful.

Busting myths associated with solar energy is necessary, which would create a change in perspectives and also help in maintaining trust for solar

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